Choosing Your Army

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  • When composing your army, some rules must be followed to ensure that the result is a coherent force. Armies can be taken from any Fantasy Battles: 9th Age Army Books. Usually the army (what units, options etc you take in your army) is written down on a piece of paper, called Army List.
    Army list entries are divided into the following categories:

    Lords and Heroes.
    A maximum of 50% of the Points of your army may be Lord and Heroes characters (combined), and a maximum of 35% of the Points of your army may be Lord Characters. Furthermore, the same Hero or Lord choice cannot be taken more than 3 times, regardless of differences in mounts, equipment, or Special Rules.

    Being the backbone of the army, Core units must compose at least 25% of your army Points. Core units are common enough so
    you can take each different Core unit up to 4 times

    Special units are typical of the army, although not so much as to be part of its Core section. Each Special unit can be taken up to 3 times in the same army.

    Rare units are difficult to enlist, and therefore your army cannot spend more than 25% of its army Points in Rare units. Furthermore, each Rare unit can be taken up to 2 times in the same army. Aside from this, there are other requirements that you must pay attention to when building your army

    The size of a battle is determined by the points limit on the armies. Each unit you add to your army list has a points value. When adding up the points value of all your units, this total can never exceed the determined points limit. Sometimes it’s not possible to reach the exact agreed upon points limit, and you are therefore allowed to be slightly below (no more than 20 pt) the limit.

    Every army must nominate one of its characters as the General. This implies that it must have at least one character who is able to be the General of the army. Furthermore, every army must contain a minimum of 4 Units (excluding characters). All Units with War Machine troop types count as a single unit for this purpose.

    An army may include a Battle Standard Bearer, but can never have more than one.

    There are some One of a kind units or characters (for example, all special named characters are One of a Kind). One of a Kind units or characters can only be taken once per army, regardless of it being otherwise Core, Special, Rare, Hero or Lord. Its points still count towards the relevant category

    Sometimes on the battlefield the armies that clash are much bigger than usual. Armies of 4000 points or more are considered Grand Armies. All limits for the number of repeated units and characters are doubled for this kind of armies. This includes (non-character) One of a kind units, which can be taken up to 2 times in a Grand Army.

    Sometimes on the battlefield the armies that clash are much smaller than usual. Armies of less than 1500 points are considered Warbands. All limits for the number of repeated units and characters and the maximum unit sizes are halved (rounding up) for this kind of armies, and the minimum number of units you must take is decreased to 3.

    Some units have a special repetition allowance to be taken more times than what their category would otherwise them allow to. In such cases, the regular limits change to the relevant limit stated.

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