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  • After the spell that was cast with Overwhelming Power (and Path Attribute) has resolved, apply the following effects to the wizard casting the spell with Overwhelming Power. Note: If a wizard casts a spell with Overwhelming Power but is dispelled, no roll on the Miscast table is made.
    Roll 2D6 and apply the table below. The Strength of any hit caused by a Miscast is equal to the Power Dice Used(PDU) +2, and all such hits have Armour Piercing (1). The miscasting model cannot take saves of any kind against Miscast effects. Afterwards, remove a number of Power Dice from from you Dice Pool equal to PDU.

    2-4Centre the 5" template over the Caster. Each model touched by the Template takes a hit. Then:
    If 5 Power Dice were used, the Caster is removed from the game.
    If 4 Power Dice were used, roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3, the Caster is removed from the game.
    5-6Centre the 3" Template over the Caster. Each model touched by the Template takes a hit. The Caster must take one hit.
    7The Caster's Unit suffers PDU hits distributed like shooting, except the Caster itself cannot receive more than 1 hit.
    8-9The Caster and each friendly Wizard takes a hit.
    10-12The Caster's Wizard level is reduced by PDU-2, it loses one spell for each level lost (starting with the miscast spell, randomizing the rest).

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Comments 2

  • Vulgarsty -

    After death, losing levels and spells is surely the next worse thing - worse than a single hit at any rate. I'd much rather see the miscast table as D6 + PDU to create a 3-11 table with the current 2-4 & 10-12 near the top of that table. Recklessness should be punished!

  • Auere -

    Was thinking about the 2-4 miscast, where the caster just dies if 4 or more dice are used... I think the difference between using 3 and 4 dices is too big, and it should be more gradual. Like saying that the caster must roll equal to or over PDU on a D6. That would be a much more gradual and fun rule.