Steam Tank

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Comments 4

  • dravenlord -

    its terror is useless as it has random movement and enemy does not test Terror..

  • dravenlord -

    Steam tank, with toxic attacks and all machines out there does not post a massive discomfort to enemy you probably lose it in 1st round against rats,hbe,orcs,empire - so many ap10 out there or save tests.

    unless you have some kind of magical army what can create a real pressure so they have to split range attacks trying to panic ur troops rather then eliminate one target...

    What army in EOS could do it? not being suicidal?
    Two tanks perhaps, and if you could shoot into combats with tank this possibly could work but then this would be a target no1, offering shelter for other units.

    Perhaps I do not understand this game correctly.

  • LittleNick -

    Is the Breath Weapon for the steam tank 1 use only or can it be used every round? The Breath weapon Rules say 1 use but i do not see why this is as it is a weapon on the tank that should be usable every round like the cannon

    • dravenlord -

      same with dragons can they run out of their's breath? after loosing last wound perhaps...