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  • 21.A.a.25 Skirmisher
    Formation in which models are 12.5mm apart, can shoot from any rank, and do not block line of sight.
    21.A.a.25 Skirmisher
    The model can always use Shooting Attacks from any rank (models with Skirmisher are not limited to shooting from first and second rank).

    Units with at least one R&F model with Skirmisher are formed into a skirmish formation. They are not placed in base contact with each other. Instead, models are placed with a 12.5mm distance (roughly half an inch) between them. This gap is considered part of the unit for Cover purposes, and will have the same Height as the models in the unit. Other than this gap between models, units with Skirmisher follow the normal rules for forming units and therefore have a Front, two Flank, and a Rear Facing, can perform Supporting Attacks, and so on. Units in skirmish formation never block Line of Sight (remember that this also affects Cover as they can never contribute to Hard Cover).

    Units in skirmish formation can only be joined by Characters that have both the same Type and the same Height as the unit. Unless a Character has the exact same base size as all R&F models in the unit, it is considered Mismatched for the purpose of placement within the unit. The unit ceases to be in skirmish formation when all R&F models with Skirmisher are removed as a casualty: immediately contract their skirmish formation into a normal formation, without moving the centre of the first rank. Nudge any unit as normal to maintain base contact if possible.

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