Close Combat Phase

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  • A game phase
    Each Close Combat Phase is divided into the following steps. Apply the list chronologically from 1-5.
    1. Start of Close Combat Phase. Apply any “No Longer Engaged”.
    2. Choose a combat to fight in.
    3. Fight a round of combat.
    4. Repeat step 2-4. Each time choosing a new combat that has not already been fought this phase.
    5. Once all Units that are engaged in combat has fought, the close combat phase ends.
    A combat is defined as a group of opposing Units all connected through base contact. Normally this would be two Units pitted against each other, but could also be several Units against one Unit or a long chain of Units from both sides. Complete all actions in the Round of Combat Sequence of all Units involved in the chosen combat before moving on the the next combat.

    Units are considered Engaged in Combat if one or more models in the Unit is in base contact with an enemy Unit. If a Unit is Engaged in Combat, all models in the Unit are also Engaged in Combat.

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