Round Of Combat Sequence

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  • Each Combat Round is divided into the multiple steps
    Apply the list chronologically from 1 to 11.
    1. Start of round of combat
    2. Choose Weapon (see Equipment section)
    3. Make Way (see character section)
    4. Issue and Accept Challenges (see character section)
    5. Roll attacks (in Initiative order)
      1. Allocate attacks
      2. Roll to hit, to wound, saves, and remove casualties
      3. Move to the next Initative step

    6. Calculate which side wins the Round of Combat. Loser(s) rolls break [lexicon]test[/lexicon]
    7. Roll [lexicon]panic test[/lexicon] for nearby units
    8. Restrain or Pursue?
    9. Roll Flee distance and move [lexicon]Fleeing Units[/lexicon]
    10. Roll Pursue distance and move Pursuing Units
    11. Post Combat Pivots
    12. Combat Reforms
    13. End of Combat Round. Proceed to the next combat
    Combats are fought in a strict striking order, starting with the attacks that have Initiative 10 and then working downwards from the highest to the lowest Initiative. At each Initiative step, all attacks that have the same Initiative strike simultaneously. Under normal circumstances, a model strikes at the Initiative given on its profile. However, some attacks are made at a different Initiative step than the model's own Initiative (such as a Chariots’ Impact Hits, which are Initiative 10). For models with more than one profile (such as a knight and its mount), each part of the model strikes at its own Initiative.

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