Panic Test

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  • Panic tests are Leadership Tests taken immediately after certain in-game situations occur.
    Panic tests are Leadership Tests taken immediately after any of the following situations arise:

    ● A friendly Unit is destroyed within 6" (including fleeing off the board)

    ● A friendly Unit Breaks from combat within 6"

    ● A friendly Unit flees through the Unit

    ● The Unit suffers, in a single phase, casualties equal to or greater than 25% of the number of models that it had at the start of the phase ("Heavy Casualties")

    ● Other rule in the game forces the Unit to take a panic test.

    Units failing a Panic test usually flee from the closest enemy model, except if the Panic test was forced by an enemy rule or spell, or caused by Heavy Casualties from a single enemy Unit. In this case the Unit must flee directly away (Centre of Unit to Centre of Unit) from the enemy Unit that caused the Panic test. Units are Immune to Panic while Engaged in Combat and when Fleeing. A Unit that passes a Panic Test doesn't need to take any more Panic Tests for the remainder of the Phase

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