Magical items

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  • All magic items are One of a Kind, which means no item can be duplicated within an army. No model can have more than one Magic Item of the same type (Magic Weapons, Magic Armour, Talismans, Enchanted Items, Arcane Items, Magic Standards). Furthermore, each type of Magic Items can have additional restrictions associated with it.
    Most Magic Items have a Point cost given after their names.Some Magic Items have two Point costs instead (eg.:Giant Sword(60 pt / 50 pt) ). The first value has to be paid if the model choosing the Item is a Lord choice, and the second if the model is a Hero choice.

    Magic Items often refer to their “wearer” or “bearer”. These terms mean the same thing and refer to the choice the item was bought to,excluding its mount.Other Items affect the “model” or the“wearer's model”; these terms refer to the entire model of the choice that bought the item, including its mount (note that these over rides the restriction for Ridden Monster’s Profile ). Finally , a third group of Items refer to “Unit”; these items affect the entire Unit of the model (including mounts).

    These Items can only be used once. Once they are used, the Items count as eliminated for all game purposes.

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  • Borjnfer Wraith -

    As far as the duel cost for magic items is concerned: Why? When we are already paying a MUCH higher cost for the Lord figure because of their greater stats and potential are we also TAXED higher on an item that either one of them could purchase. This is a double tax on Lords! Not cool guys, so not cool.
    So, one us only magic shields/armor no longer count when used once? Maybe I'm missing something here.