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  • One of the 10 Magic Paths. It consists of the following spells:
    #NameCasting ValueRangeTypeDurationEffect
    TEvocation of Souls5+
    [8+] {11+}
    18" [6"Aura]
    {12" Aura}
    Lasts one Turn
    If the target has at least one model with an Evoked value:
    The target unit, or a single Character inside the target unit, Raises a number of Wounds as stated in the unit’s profile under Evoked.
    Characters and models with Towering Presence cannot Raise more than 2 Wounds from this spell in a single Magic Phase.

    If the target has no models with an Evoked value:
    The target gains Fear, and all enemy units
    within 6" of the target suffer -1 Leadership.
    Measure this when using the Leadership value
    (not when the spell is cast). This modifier cannot
    be combined with other modifiers caused by
    Evocation of Souls, except from Fear.
    1Spectral Blades5+
    18" AugmentLasts one TurnThe target must reroll failed to-wound rolls in
    Close Combat.
    [The target gains Lethal Strike.]
    2Dance Macabre6+
    12" [12" Aura]AugmentInstantThe target may perform an 8" Magical Move, and counts as having Ethereal during this move.
    3Ancestral Aid7+
    AugmentLasts one TurnThe target must reroll failed to-hit rolls with its
    Close Combat [and Shooting] Attacks.
    4Touch of the Reaper7+
    12" [24 ]Hex, Direct Damage, FocusedInstantThe target suffers D3 hits with Strength 10 and
    Armour Piercing (6). When rolling to wound with
    this attack, substitute the target’s Toughness for
    its Leadership.
    5Whispers of the Veil9+24"HexRemains in PlayThe target suffers -1 Leadership and -2 Weapon Skill, to a minimum of 1.
    6Hasten the Hour12+18"Hex,
    InstantChoose up to 3 different models in the target unit
    (which may be Characters or Champions). Each
    of them suffers 1 hit that wounds automatically
    with Armour Piercing (6).

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