Vampire Covenant Magic Items

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  • A list of Magic Items exclusive to the Vampire Covenant army.
    Magic Weapons
    Blade Of Red Thirst: 40pts
    Type: Hand weapon. Any Vampire wielding this blade gains Hunger (3+) and may roll 1D6 for each Wound it inflicted when rolling for Hunger. Any excess wounds Raised can be used to Raise wounds on unit that the character is part of.

    The Ancient Bow: 45pts
    Magic Weapon. This is Bolt Thrower Artillery Weapon with the following profile: Range 36”, Strength 6, Armour Piercing (1), Multiple Wounds (D3)

    Magic Armor
    Blood Hauberk: 45pts
    Type: Plate Armour. Wearer has +1 Wound.

    Enchanted Items
    The Accursed Book: 55pts (models on foot only)
    Wearer and other models on foot in its unit have the Distracting special rule .

    Nightshroud: 40pts (models on foot only)
    Enemy models in base contact with wearer, and all models allocating close combat attacks at the wearer, do not gain strength bonuses conferred by mundane or magical weapons.

    Arcane Items
    Dark Charm: 20pts
    At the end of any Magic Phase, the play may save one unused Magic Dice and add it to the pool of Magic Dice in the next Magic Phase (immediately after rolling Winds of Magic).

    Unholy Tome: 35pts
    Bound Spell, Power Level 4. Contains the spell Dance Macabre.

    Wand Of Domination: 35pts
    Bound Spell, Power Level 3. If cast successfully this item casts an augment, lasts one turn spell with range 6”. All undead models in target unit gain +1 attack.

    Magic Banners
    Banner Of The Barrows: 50pts
    Barrow Knights, Barrow Guards and Barrow Kings in this unit have +1 to Hit in close combat.

    Castlehof Flag: 75pts
    The unit carrying this banner has Bodyguard (Vampire Count, Vampire Baron), Vampiric Knights carrying this banner have the Stubborn Special Rule instead. All models in the unit carrying this banner also have 4+ Ward Save against all Ranged Attacks.

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