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  • Army Strengths And Weaknesses
    Army Strengths And Weaknesses are created by both the already done army polls as the rules team and background team.

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Comments 3

  • grungimusic -

    Dwarves have already made significant design sacrifices (no monsters; no true wizards, no cav of any kind). The anvil was neither game breaking nor inappropriate for our army, and its use as a lightning thrower is well established historically. For these reasons, I view ASAW in its current incarnation to be a highly flawed method with which implement army book design.

  • Danrakh -

    If DH loose an option to earn some points in magic phase (by killing opponents stuff), while all other armies keep it, then it should be compensated somehow, isn't it? Nevertheless, I'm not sure if 'Dwarves don't do damage spells' paradigm is worth all the work needed for proper balancing such issue

  • Pellegrim -

    I find this a terrible design goal. Dwafs had to loose their two anvil spells that made the anvil cool. Cause it didn't fit the picture that the average voter had about what Dwarfs had to be, based on a really flat poll. Hope this will be reversed in the future.