Background: ​Augea

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  • Augea is the eastern continent in the 9th Age world.

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    From A New Atlas for the Ninth Age - by Johannes Strabo wrote:

    Augea, the immense sister of Vetia, separatedfrom one another by the great Wasteland, hometo the servants of the Dark Gods. Crossing east of Avras into this land, you will travel through theBarren Mountains, where the Steel Road startsits winding journey. Here is the dwelling of the Dwarves of the east, named Infernal. The SteelRoad runs parallel to the Silk Road to the north,with access controlled by the Ogre Khans. It leadsfrom the Blasted Plains through the Sky Mountains, across the northern part of the human region of Sagarikadesha, finishing its rich path inthe glorious land of Tsuanda, where the DragonEmperor rules over men.

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