Background: First Age

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  • The most ancient of history

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    In cavern deep, in mountains old
    We sing the hymn, we mark the way
    Remembrance past, to future’s day
    Let none forget, the ancient ley
    To mark the path of home and hold
    Our tale begins in Sauran yoke
    In chains and pain forlorn of hope
    Without our pride we labor’d ‘til
    In darkest days our fate unmade
    For comet’s fall our shackles broke

    We mined the gold they craved and stole
    With which to power arcane machines
    And build their ugly ziggurats
    So old were they, while we were young
    As yet we had not found our soul
    Unmeasured Ages came and went
    So long that none can know the count
    But wait we did with vigilance
    Until we saw an opening
    A time to make their cities rent

    Skyhammer’s gift a vengeance born
    We slew and killed who’s blood was cold
    Together bound as brothers sworn

    - A reproduction of an Equitan tapestry,
    itself believed to be a copy of an ancient dwarven carving
    and poem dating from the first century A.S.

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