Background: Great Steel Road

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  • Great Steel Road

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    Of the many marvels I encountered in my voyages, few were so memorable as the Great Steel Road.
    The construct itself is not what inspired me, though it is like no other road I have seen, consisting
    simply of two lines of rugged metal that stretch in perfect parallel from horizon to horizon. Rather, it
    was the engines that navigate this unique thoroughfare. Huge and black they were, fashioned from
    dark metals into harsh, unnatural shapes, and connected in a long caravan to vast containers filled
    with innumerable goods, propelled on their unerring path by infernal magics I cannot begin to fathom
    and trailing black smoke in their wake. The road runs beneath lands controlled by ogre tribes.
    But I was told that it was constructed not by ogres but by the dwarves of the Blasted Plains, or rather
    by their slaves.
    — From Book of the Terrors of the World, by Niccolò Solo, famed Arcalean merchant traveler

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