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  • Johannes Strab, author of
    From A New Atlas for the Ninth Age

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    Johannes Strab, author of
    From A New Atlas for the Ninth Age


    Few individuals have the chance to see morethan a fraction of our world, with its astonish-ing variety of intelligent races and animal species,
    plants and cities, cults and wars. I have travelledfrom Avras to the Kingdom of Vanhu. I’ve seenSunna’s seeds planted in Virentia and the GreatWall of Tsuandan in the far east of Augea. Youcould not find another who has traveled a great-er distance; I have been protected by the auspiceof Sunna, and here I record my knowledge on thegeography of our world.
    Set sail south from Bellatorre, and in three nightsyou will reach the docks of Port Reynaud, Equit-aine’s holdfast in Taphria. Should you dare it, youwill never forget the nights spent in the GreatDesert, for they are terrible and fascinating all atonce. There, following the path of the Napaat riv-er, lie the remains of a truly ancient kingdom withits legends of never-dying monstrosities. In thewest stand the fortresses and souks of Qassar, fullof exotic smells and tales of evil spirits, the djinn.In the west and southeast of the continent lie vastkingdoms of men; the Koghi Empire and King-dom of Vanhu respectively. Finally in its south, theforests around the Mfumu river are said to hidesome of the most ancient secrets of the world.
    Vetia is the land of mankind, where nations ofmen have reigned for years under the protectivesight of the Goddess and her church. There, thepowerful nation of Sonnstahl guards all mankindagainst the dangers of the Wasteland, while tothe south the merchant cities of Arcalea ply theirtrade with the whole of the world. There you willalso find the White Mountains, impenetrable holdof the Dwarves. To the west lie the twin cities ofDestria, the Kingdom of noble Equitaine, and theenchanted, emerald-green forest of Wyscan, themysterious dwelling of the sylvan elves.
    The Great Ocean divides Vetia from the two west-ern continents, Silexia in the north and Virentiain the south. The Ocean itself is the dominion ofelves: there the fleets of the two great nations,the Highborn and their dreaded kin, vie for thesupremacy. Here lies the main motherland ofthe Highborn Elves, the proud islands of CeledaAblan, and Silexia where freedom is a commodityto be traded.
    Augea, the immense sister of Vetia, separatedfrom one another by the great Wasteland, hometo the servants of the Dark Gods. Crossing east ofAvras into this land, you will travel through theBarren Mountains, where the Steel Road startsits winding journey. Here is the dwelling of theDwarves of the east, named Infernal. The SteelRoad runs parallel to the Silk Road to the north,with access controlled by the Ogre Khans. It leadsfrom the Blasted Plains through the Sky Moun-tains, across the northern part of the human re-gion of Sagarikadesha, finishing its rich path inthe glorious land of Tsuandan, where the DragonEmperor rules over men.
    On the eastern coast of Virentia mankind too, hasestablished colonies: the imperial city of Freder-icksberg, and the port of Aguadulce, of Destria.Beyond them, a lush forest of wonderful colorsand inconceivable dangers hides the secrets ofancient civilizations. Dividing Virentia from Si-lexia – the Shattered Sea; a rumoured maelstromof magic and tempests, from which no vessel re-turns.
    — From A New Atlas for the Ninth
    by Johannes Strabo

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