Background: Tabor Delphino

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  • Tabor Delphino, Destrian explorer and anthropologist

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    Many people assume the Wasteland begins as soon as one passes the Border Beacons. Few have an-ything but a cursory understanding of the vast swathes that lie between: the great Makhar Steppe.This huge, rolling grassland is home to a multitude of uncouth peoples; somewhat scattered andmostly nomadic, it is true, but nevertheless numerous and fearsome in battle. Sadly the neglect ofthese lands by the so-called Empire of Humanity has resulted in many tribes turning to the Dark Gods.I feel certain that the current policy of leaving them to their own devices can only result in catastro-phe in the long term.
    — Destrian explorer and anthropologist Tabor Delphino, at a keynote lecture in Narrenwald

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