Background: Sylvan Elves

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  • Sylvan Elves

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    Some argue they represent the oldest and truest of the Elven civilisations, closest to the primordial Fae.
    Their fate is entwinedwith the forests they callhome, and the spiritsdwelling within, bothnurtured by and alliedto the Elves beneaththe canopy. Thosesame spirits aremurderous whenroused, and Sylvan archery is feared across the earth.
    Since the withdrawal of the Highborn across theseas, they are what remains of the Elves in Vetia, occupying the forests of our great continent.Their disregard for human borders often causesstrife with their neighbours; many a woodsmanhas met a grim fate and every missing child is "lost to the fairies".

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