Background: Koghi Empire

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  • Koghi Empire

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    Many have asked about the secret of my wealth, dear boy, and I always invent some
    pithy fable that makes me look quite brilliant. But the truth is that I owe it all to a
    land few in this benighted realm could even name: the Empire of Koghi.
    It is a mighty kingdom controlling the full bounty of Western Taphria. The Mansas
    there are so dizzyingly rich that they don’t know what to do with themselves. After
    converting to the Alihat religion, the last Mansa undertook a pilgrimage to the Midan
    holy site in Qassar. His retinue was so large and extravagantly supplied with gold

    A merchant with the right goods can fetch ten times the price in Dogoko as he can in
    Avras. We don’t realise it, but we all live in the shadow of the Koghinan. Their
    wealth in gold and salt is felt in the markets of Sonnstahl and Equitaine. When I
    close my eyes I can see it: the great golden desert - and the endless caravans, like a

    From a missive stored by the solicitors of Matthias Bechtholdt, “the richest man
    in Sonnstahl ”, to be delivered to his son on the event of his death.

    Taphrian Kingdoms cover much of a continent, and play host to many tribes of varying levels of complexity and strength – armies preceded by massive tuskers to rival the great beasts of the Ogres.

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