Background: Valskaya

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  • Valskaya

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    Volskaya is a closer neighbour, yet their way of life is tied to their cold and harsh climate, as much a factor in their arsenal as any weapon.

    Between the White Mountains and the Makhar Steppe lies a land as diverse as it is vast. From the strongholds
    of the mountain clans in the west to the war camps of the Red Guard in the east, this is the domain of
    the Volskali. Often misunderstood and maligned by their western neighbours, the subjects of Tzar Oleg
    are proud and stalwart folk. Their legends claim their ancestors were the bears and eagles, wolves and
    hawks of their land and those who come to know these fierce people like I have do not dismiss
    these stories lightly.
    Swift horsemen and resolute infantry form a vital bulwark against the madness of the
    Wasteland and the terrors of the great Bog; these actions bring little acclaim but have
    established outposts and colonies across the Steppe. The preachers of Sunna maintain that
    they are cursed men in need of salvation, as their forebearers stood against the Goddess
    at the dawn of this age and never repented for their sin. To this day, occasional bands
    of moustached marauders launch brazen raids into other nations, while the alliance
    between the Amber court of Volskagrad
    and the kings of Equitaine
    threatens to upturn the
    balance of power
    in Vetia.

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