Background: Kingdoms of Arcalea

Forwared from „Arcalea“

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  • Kingdoms of Arcalea

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    Finally, the patchwork city states and kingdoms of Arcalea have played host to the development of many of humanity’s finest achievements, and some there believe themselves to represent thetrue lineage of Avras.
    Arcalea is hardly a state; fractured and without a central power. The settlements in these lands
    took the name of principalities, communes, city states or republics but everyone else just calls
    them the free cities of Arcalea - or, together with parts of Destria, the Iron Crowns. Mostly
    they share the same culture, the worship of Saints, and the mystification of Sunna as
    Themesis, the first of them.
    Although the "Iron Crowns” was originally an insult referring to a lack of true power, the
    free cities wield in fact tremendous clout with their wealth and independence. With the
    great merchant families in the vanguard, Arcalea has become one of the largest cultural
    centres in the world. Here were the first universities born and here come to life the
    great works of art and inventions of our times. But the real currency of Arcalea is its
    mercenary legions: bands of cutthroats, trained soldiers, pirates, hungry ogres and exiled
    nobles arrive every day in search of fame and fortune. They know that their skills will
    be put to good use and that those who can fight will never go hungry.

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