Background: Divine Daughters

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  • Divine Daughters

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    Divine Daughters
    Three daughters have been born of the love between King and Queen,
    and each has found a place in the hearts of the forest elves. Amryl,
    the Forest Queen begat of Yema and Naram, who reigns over Wyscan,
    returning only to the Veiled Realm in the height of winter. Meladys,
    Grand Mistress and child of Wymaig and Tula, who thirsts for knowledge
    that she be fit to ascend her father’s throne. Nyb, War Crow and sired
    by Cadaron and Beccam, under whose auspice the great elven forces march
    to war.
    Emerentius - “A Study of the Gods” (Narrenwald Press, 907 A.S.)

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