Background: ​Forest King

Forwared from „Cadaron“

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  • Forest King

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    Against all counsel he declared a quest against the dreaded forest king. He would find a legend and slay a god.

    Even to most elves, the Gods are distant and celestial beings. Yet among
    the trees walk some whose feet rest upon the same earth, even as their
    blood sings with heavenly power. Cadaron, the Forest King, leader of the
    Wild Hunt and avatar of the Hunter, or perhaps the God himself clothed
    in flesh. He rules the forests aside his Queen Amryl, and from their union
    sprang forth the twins, Sura, Bringer of Spring and Cyma, the Winter
    Emerentius - “A Study of the Gods” (Narrenwald Press, 907 A.S.)

    A solitary trumpet note rang through the
    woods at our back, and I turned to take
    in one last glimpse of the wildest and
    most awe-inspiring creatures I have ever
    known. There, upon the steps behind the
    boar stone, stood a being of myth. The
    Forest King, in all his splendour, and at
    his back the Wild Hunt amid a gathering
    storm. The braying of hounds filled the
    air, and I could look no longer, but bent
    over my horse’s mane. Every foot of the
    ride I heard galloping hooves behind us;
    every moment I expected a spear in my

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