Background: Forest Eagle

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  • Forest Eagle

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    Wherever there is sky, there is an eagle.’ This old proverb among
    the Sylvan Elves holds true from the craggy mountain peaks
    of their realm, to the open groves, to the spaces beneath the canopy of
    the most ancient corners of the forest. Their colouration and stature
    varies from place to place, reflecting the needs of a predator in that
    environment. Some are great and broad while others are slender and
    agile, but they are universally identifiable by their wedge-shaped tail,
    powerful talons and cruel hooked beak. It is said that they can understand
    the speech of the elves and that they will carry great warriors
    upon their back in times of need. Such partnerships are rarer than those
    made between common warriors and the smaller forest kestrels; those
    who are accepted upon these proud raptors are most often leaders and
    councillors for the small community that makes their home above the
    forest floor. Regardless, whether ridden as a mount or under their own
    direction, all forest eagles are canny hunters, more than able to find an
    unsuspecting target for their talons, fall upon it unseen and carry it to
    distant perches.

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