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  • Dragon

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    SE AB wrote:

    Of all the great hunters in the elven kingdom, there is but one that sits
    upon the apex: the Dragon. Even the forest lords must pay their respects
    to these terrible beasts. Unlike their greedy and vainglorious kin in
    the world beyond the boughs, they are intelligent and dedicated caretakers
    of the natural order. This is not to say that they are without the hubris
    of their kind altogether; often I heard tales of tribute made to placate their
    pride, including treasures and live sacrifice. Only the mightiest of lords or
    sorcerers could hope to court the attention of the forest wyrms and survive.
    Their scales are hard as diamonds and can reputedly change hue to match
    the terrain. They possess teeth as large as broadswords, talons capable of
    felling castle walls, and their breath is a thing of nightmare. Even a small
    fire can cause discomfort among the forest residents, and a dragon’s exhalation
    can ignite blazes which tear through the forest with alarming
    speed. Yet from the ashes of such blazes arise the tendrils of growth, and
    so do the forest dragons create new life from the death of the old.

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