Background: Magic

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  • Magic

    Factions & Magic

    Beast Herds

    To the Beast Herds there is a strength to each herd,
    which is focused upon their totem. The belief of each
    member of the herd gives the totem a significance
    which a Soothsayer can tap into and bond to a group.
    But whether Beast magic comes from totems or the
    Soothsayer’s own skill, there is always a focus on gaining
    advantage in the hunt – moving swiftly, ambushing
    and seizing their prey by the throat.

    Dread Elves

    The Dread Elves possess the elven affinity for magic
    almost as strongly as their noble kin. Yet where the
    Highborn have a focus on the world around them, the
    true power of magic for the elves of Silexia lies within
    the mind. Even without magic, they are masters of
    manipulating emotions, fear most of all. Augmented
    with the power of the Immortal Realm, they are able
    to strike terror into the hearts of a most resolute foe.
    Their powers also lend weight to their reputation of
    striking from fog and shadow, disappearing without a
    trace, save for the stories left behind. More than any
    of their brethren, they view magic as a military art, an
    aid in battle.

    Dwarven Holds

    Hold dwarves have never had the connection with
    magic of their eastern brethren. By contrast, the active
    exercise of magic upon them has always proved
    difficult. Yet what they lack in shaping magic in the
    moment, they make up for by empowering objects.
    All cultures have some form of harnessing magic
    using items suited to those without magical talent
    themselves. Dwarves have, over centuries, refined
    a complex and subtle means of preparing items, allowing
    them to achieve more precise results than
    any other. To think of the Holds as lacking in magic
    because they do not throw fireballs is to dramatically
    underestimate them.

    Daemon Legions

    The daemonic legions of the Dark Gods are not simply
    users of magic. To them it is air, water and food,
    essential to their survival and the medium through
    which they usually operate. Manifested in the Mortal
    Realm, they are like a fish out of water, and rely
    upon the ambient magic, or whatever can be drawn
    through the Veil, to sustain themselves. But beyond
    their physical form, the world around them can be
    changed in unexpected and unnatural ways. Every
    daemon carries within them a seed of their Immortal
    heritage, and the ability to shape the world closer to
    their nature.

    Empire of Sonnstahl

    Though Sunna and the other gods of the Sonnstahler
    pantheon lend power to their servants, the true
    strength of magic for these humans lies in the teachings
    of their academies and universities. They lack
    the mastery of the undead or coatl, with centuries to
    learn their craft, yet their capacity for specialisation
    and passing on detailed teachings down the ages has
    allowed them to rival many an ancient civilisation.
    Their wizards are academics for the most part, yet capable
    of bringing their studied talents to bear on a
    battlefield with devastating effect.

    Highborn Elves

    The elves of Celeda Ablan are masters of magic, only
    rivalled (and perhaps, though they would never admit
    it, exceeded) by the Coatl who once held them in
    bondage. Yet they have worked tirelessly to advance
    their grasp of the magic arts. Though theirs is not the
    innate and effortless application of the Saurians, with
    preparation they are able to exert an impressive level
    of control upon the environment around them, the
    elements and even magic itself.

    Infernal Dwarves

    Above all else, the Infernal Dwarves value power, and
    particularly power that others do not possess. In their
    search for a way to tap into the very core of the earth,
    they caused a disaster which made great swathes of
    the world uninhabitable. A natural affinity with and
    understanding of fire has meant flame and molten
    rock have always played a part in such endeavours. A
    combination of engineering and magic results in high
    risk enterprises, with enormous potential rewards.

    Kingdom of Equitaine

    The lands of Equitaine contain mystery and magic at
    every turn. Sacred locations, mythical sites – every
    castle, hill, ancient tree, stone bridge; they all have
    legends and stories attached to them. This connection
    with the land, and the Lady who symbolises it,
    permeates every part of Equitan culture, including
    their magic. Enacted only by the purest hearts, due
    to fables of magic misused and the disastrous consequences;
    magic calls upon the purity of others, and
    brings their intentions to bear upon the world, shaping
    it into a more noble version of itself.

    Ogre Khans

    In the heights of the Sky Mountains and across the
    plains of Augea, Ogres exert a magical influence
    which is anything but subtle. The Khans care not for
    the trickery of witches, the foretelling of seers, nor
    the balance of cosmologists. Theirs is a magic of fire,
    might and divine intervention. They bellow at the sky,
    call down the fury of their deities, turning ogre skin
    to stone and setting whole peaks alight. Even magic
    bends before the brute strength of the ogre and their

    Orcs and Goblins

    To an Orc, the world is one great arena within which
    they will try to prove themselves the finest combatant.
    While they won't shirk away from a fair fight, they
    are not averse to the additional edge magic can offer.
    Orc shamans often seek to draw on that raw vitality
    and fighting spirit to augment their soldiers in some
    way. Goblins have some proportion of the same spirit,
    yet they will go to any lengths possible to have the
    advantage before risking combat. Their sneaky nature
    is exemplified in their magic, seeking an edge, often
    by blinding or bewildering opponents.

    Saurian Ancients

    The Saurian Ancients are believed to have used magic
    longer than any other race. The relationship of the
    Cuatl with magic is like breathing air – their pampered
    bodies reflecting the degree to which their mind has
    focused upon its use in spell craft. No longer requiring
    the words or gestures, they are able to act and
    communicate telepathically and through others. Paradoxically,
    they value order and structure to such an
    extent that some of the wilder paths of magic are beyond
    philosophical acceptance, maybe even beyond
    intellectual grasp. Yet the paths they are able to use,
    they employ with exceptional skill, while making use
    of Skink practitioners to connect with their environment
    and the many beasts which complement their

    Undying Dynasties

    Lying beneath eternal sands, sealed in tombs for centuries,
    the Undying Dynasties know the workings of
    time as no others. Dedicating themselves to the preservation
    and restoration of their golden civilisations.
    It is only magic which permits them to escape the decay
    of ages, and return their legions to unlife, time
    and time again. As they continually stir from their
    sarcophagi, the Pharaoh’s seek an age in which their
    society will never fall again.

    Vampire Covenant

    Across the world, beneath the veneer of civilisation,
    vampires have worked under a cloak of shadow,
    turning death from an affliction to a weapon. Theirs
    is not a mere return to past life, instead they linger
    unchanged while turning the corpses of their foes
    into weapons of horrifying destruction. Their magic
    may be an extension of their own undying curse, yet
    it binds the buried dead to this world, forcing them to
    answer the vampire's call, or that of the necromancer;
    mortals who have turned their hand to reach for
    death and felt its icy grasp.

    Vermin Swarm

    The rise of the Vermin was the result of a magic ritual,
    they are in many ways the children of magic. The survival
    and thriving of the swarm is the primary focus of
    all the Vermin’s activities – always pitted against their
    drive for individual achievement. The Magisters and
    Prophets who wield this power among the Vermin
    are driven by a conviction to find the right future for
    the Swarm, while the Vermin Daemons who rise for
    a time to rule use magic to guarantee their position
    and power.

    Warriors of the Dark Gods

    Among the Warriors of the Dark Gods, magic is wielded
    by sorcerers, whose very name has become a byword
    for sinister spells. Many sorcerers are raised
    from birth by daemons, others are inducted into the
    secrets of the Veil by a patron daemon. Either way,
    their mind bends and reforms around the truths they
    are taught. What they lack in the finesse or innate understanding
    of other casters, is compensated by an
    access to raw power through the Veil itself. Such power
    is not without cost though, and sorcerers struggle
    to maintain the same morality as even their fellow


    Look around you. Everything you see, touch and taste, this is the Mortal Realm, the land of matter and certainty.
    Yet behind this mundane facade, a hair's breadth from our fingers, lies the Immortal Realm. Home of
    the Gods, and sphere of magic and its infinite possibilities.
    Between this world and that stands the Veil, keeping us from the full power of the Immortal. Sometimes
    allowing a trickle of magic, occasionally a flood, yet even the smallest of rifts could kill thousands. You see,
    magic in high quantities is inimical to mortal life – your history lessons concerning the Inferno disaster
    have taught you that.
    Yet magic in smaller quantities permeates most of our world. To those who have learned to shape it, that's
    where the adventure truly begins. I can teach the slowest dolt to sense the power, but for those of real talent,
    the possibilities are endless.
    Magicians take all manner of forms. We all use the same force, yet the traditions of teaching and the cultures
    of each magician result in very different effects. My own talents focus on the field of Alchemy, yet I
    have also witnessed the wondrous variety of the other arcane arts. In this tome I have gathered records
    from across the world, and present my thoughts upon their nature.
    Souls and Spirits — The paths of Evocation, Witchcraft and Shamanism encompass the ability to influence
    the souls of Mortal beings, both embodied and discarnate.
    Matter and Energy — Alchemy, Pyromancy and Druidism represent the ability to shape, harness and draw
    upon the substances and energies of our Mortal Realm.
    Power and Knowledge — The traditions of Divination, Thaumaturgy and Occultism seek their strength
    beyond the confines of this world.
    Universal Truth — A pretentious claim of the practitioners of the path of Cosmology, who claim to understand
    the principles of magic, the Veil and the Realms, and the precarious state of balance in which they stand.
    — Collected teachings of Simoni Kasradze, Tutor to Princess Josefa

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