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  • Path of Alchemy

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    Path wrote:

    Excellency, I’ve worked with warlocks, flame callers, priests, and all manner of hedge wizards, and I would
    trade all of them for a skilled alchemist. Not only will they bring fire and death on the battlefield, but they’ll
    aid in mending arms and armour, and when the fight’s done, finding the enemy’s loot. Not only that, but
    you’ll never see the men’s breast plates, or blades, shine brighter than with one of them around.
    Captain Grigori of the Aegis and Blade Mercenary Company

    The path of the Alchemist, dear student,
    is the most noble of the paths
    of magic, for it seeks to divine truth from
    the nature of the material world. We seek
    to reduce all things to their most basic
    true essence, and by so doing unveil the
    means to create anything. From the crafting
    of rare substances to separating the
    impurities from the body, to binding of
    purified metals to arms and armour, Alchemy
    is the key to unlocking the world’s
    secrets, and in knowing them, mastery of
    the world. Its long history can be traced to
    the Holy City, and its myriad uses played
    no small part in the success and growth of
    the Empire. We can learn much from their
    example and should seek to emulate them
    in our own beloved Sonnstahl.
    Masters of our path focus their craft on
    working with metals and we divide our
    efforts between the practical use of the
    vulgar metals, and the mystical properties
    of their noble counterparts. While
    the proper combinations and mixtures of
    the base metals can create useful alloys of
    bronze or steel, which enhance the might
    of any army, the mixtures of gold and silver
    call to the soul and banish dark spirits,
    making protective talismans and wards.
    — From the lectures of
    Professor Petrad von Miterbatt,
    Master Alchemist to the Society

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