Background: Path of Pyromancy

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  • Path of Pyromancy

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    Rise, rise oh fire, born with light and inside us with effulgence, lord of the offerings, of sacrifice and trans- formation, bringer of Truth! You are the inner power of the cosmos, you the fundamental principle and ultimate reality of life!
    — Preparatory Hymn for the initiation of a Pyromancer

    Those worshipping and manipulating the power of fire call this element the Lord of Transformation, ultimate dynamic power of the universe. According to them, Fire is the pivotal element allowing life to flourish, and representing change achieved through destruction and strife. It is the supreme weapon too, permitting cannons to fire, swords to be forged, villages to burn, fortified walls to be torn apart, castles to be burnt to ashes. To them, fire is in the heavens, through the Sun, and can be found in the depths of the earth, through lava and volcanoes. Fire is the element beyond duality and through which duality can be overcome, for it is the ultimate force itself.
    Knowing such violent and destructive capabilities, Pyromancers generally undergo a severe learning, initiatory path under the tyrannical guide of a master, to prevent self-destructive tendencies, to tame their power and to eventually exploit their abilities within armies, against the right enemies. Such a magical path is generally assessed as one of the most demanding: while other paths can lead to madness or corruption, the only outcomes of Pyromancy are success or total annihilation of the magician. Mastering the infinite power of fire means to be one of the most dangerous among the mortal practitioners of magical powers, not to mention the fact Pyromancers are extremely sought-after for sieges and large battles.
    Pyromancers are violent by nature: they strongly believe truth and evolution can be achieved exclusively through the inner and outer strife represented by the incandescent, burning, passionate, everlasting energy of Fire, which encompasses and symbolises the fiercest passions too, from extreme love, through self-sacrifice to searing wrath. They believe such an element burns in the very core of their own being, and through this inner flame they can master outer, more aggressive flames. Many witnesses of their power have seen flames burning in their eyes and, in some extreme cases, literally arising from their bodies. They believe the spark of life inside them is a part of the cosmic fire dominating the transformation of everything and, ultimately, the relation between Cosmos and Chaos.
    — On the Works of Magical Fire, by Cornelius Von Ullsberg

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