Background: Path of Shamanism

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  • Path of Shamanism

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    Some think the warherds to be mere beasts, led by the strongest of their number. Any who tell you that are fools, and fools of the worst kind at that. I’ve fought them around the circle of the Middle Sea, from the Cop- per Mountains, to the Hills of Myra, to the coast of the Great Ocean, and I’ll tell you a real truth. It’s their shaman that truly lead them, and somehow inspire them to feats of reckless courage and savage fury. If you want my advice on fighting them, kill the shaman first, it’s the best hope you have of coming out of the fight alive.
    — Carl the Younger, Ex-Mercenary Captain

    “Teacher, my study comes to its end. The Master of Battles calls on me, and I must go with him to the Southlands, across the Wastelands. I will not shame the tribe, I will not be found wanting. Even now the chiefs gather, seven tribes, and I will be among them. I ask for your blessing in this, as in all things.”
    “What are the teachings you take with you, Arrik?”
    “What you have taught me, Lord, I have put in my heart. The songs of spirit that cause my chest to swell, and the great howls of the northern wolves which make warriors grown lose their nerve. I know the hearts of the warriors, and I know the fifty two scars that can be called on to keep the mind from clouding. I will take these gifts you have given me master and I use them to keep my kin alive. I will bring out their best, that our clans will be able to grow with what they will bring home, after the raids. I will use all that you taught me, Wise One.”
    He stood then, and walked slowly over to me, a smile, half sad, painted on his old face, and he said to me, “You have learned all I have to teach, and I am too old to follow you south. But I will give you
    “And the second?”
    “My love and prayers, fool Arrik! I will call on every daemon and god of death I know to turn their sight from you and onto your enemies. Now go, the Master of Battles will have need of you.”
    — From the memoires of Yakub Sulaimann, scribe in service to the great Khan’s Shaman

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