Background: Death Cult Hierarch

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  • Death Cult Hierarch

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    M.H.: Who are you? What is your name?
    SUBJECT: Akhamun? Is that you? You know me. Ages have passed and seas have dried
    since last we fought, but I know the smell of your magic.
    M.H.: I am Witchfinder General Matthias Horst, and you will answer my questions.
    Who is this Akhamun?
    SUBJECT: A mortal? This is an unexpected turn.
    Akhamun is a worthy foe. All beings are measured by their enemies, and so he makes me
    mighty. Once before we battled. He was only a mortal then, like you, and I was yet to rise
    in my masters’ favour. But that was many centuries ago.
    M.H.: How does he still live?
    SUBJECT: He died long ago. In life, he was the slave of kings, dressed up in a pretty
    gown. His order saw to their safe passage to the afterlife. How ironic that he should now
    call them back from the grave.
    In the past, his lands were fertile ground for my masters, and we vied for the souls of his
    people. Now that kingdom is a barren desert, but Akhamun remains. He is cursed, like all
    his people - he cannot rest in death. But his magic is still strong. It would have to be, to
    make him an enemy worthy of my power.
    M.H.: If you are so mighty, why take this body? Speak!
    SUBJECT: After many centuries, I returned to those lands to claim them for my masters.
    There I found Akhamun, rotted body and empty eyes, yet the same power within.
    My followers battled his, and broke through his lines. I advanced to victory, only to be
    engulfed in light and cast into this prison of flesh. A feat your pitiful priests could hardly
    have achieved. They have not had millennia to study their craft.
    My legion fell as he summoned his army to life again. But this is not the end, merely
    a setback. My star will rise again, my allies will return through the Veil and we will
    march once more. Your chains will hold me no more than this mortal vessel. And when
    I have claimed my rightful place as master of Naptesh, I will come for you, Matthias. The
    last thing you see in this life will be my true form and I will await you on the other side.
    Death is no escape from the Dark Gods.
    [Subject began to emit smoke from his mouth and eyes. Subject was destroyed by fire.]

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