Background: Skeletons

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  • Background: Skeletons

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    Two days past the Teeth, we have passed through the hills and entered
    what is known as the Great Desert. Before the fall of the
    Naptaan empire much of this was supposedly fertile farmland. Now
    there is nothing but windblown sand - the curse of the gods, or so the
    legend says. I have my own theories - the Naptaan civil war was a bitter
    one, and the poisoning of water sources was a well-established weapon
    of war even in those ancient times.
    This evening, we came upon an area that Abdullah and his guides begged
    us to avoid. When I pressed him as to why, he claimed it was the site
    of a forgotten battlefield, haunted by the spirits of the dead. Sure
    enough, a cursory investigation turned up a great number of human
    bones and even corroded weapons buried only a few inches beneath
    the sand. You can imagine my excitement - we must return this way
    with more camels!
    Allowing for Abdullah’s nerves, I have allowed the camp to be pitched
    on a nearby ridge, despite the fact that the old battlefield was much
    better sheltered from the wind. A sandstorm is blowing in from the
    southwest, and I fear we are all going to have to endure a sleepless
    night to indulge the superstitions of our guides.

    3rd of Blühenzeit, 962 A.S.
    Someone is playing practical jokes in the camp. When Gunther and
    his men finally managed to clear the sand that half-buried us during
    the night, they unearthed several skeletons taken from the battlefield,
    posed as if crawling towards my tent! Abdullah and his men deny
    it was them. I have told them in no uncertain terms that unless the
    culprit is produced I will be docking their pay.

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