Background: Skeleton Cavalry

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  • Background: Skeleton Cavalry

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    The Edu tribe were rivals to Naptesh, before the
    empire reached its peak. Once Naptesh attained ascendancy,
    they were pushed to the fringes of the region,
    but their unparalleled horsemanship ensured
    their survival.
    Records of running battles survive which show
    the success those riders had in many battles, both
    against the armies of Naptesh and the tribes which
    populated the less fertile lands to the east.
    The success of their lightning raids made the Edu
    a wealthy group, allowing them to thrive as nomads
    where most of their neighbours lived a settled,
    agrarian existence.
    Of course, a nomadic life in this region does not
    breed a love for material wealth as we would think
    of it. The monuments and golden idols of Naptesh
    were far below water in the Edu reckoning of
    wealth. It was Naptaan control of the great river
    Napaat, therefore, that eventually brought the Edu
    into the fold as auxiliaries in the pharaoh’s armies,
    after long years of conflict.
    Some centuries after the end of the reign of King
    Phatep, however, the Edu appear to have suddenly
    ceased their trade with the empire. Most of my colleagues
    believe this highly skilled and successful tribe
    was wiped out in the wars that followed the king’s
    death, or by one of the many plagues which sprung
    up around the time
    I find these explanations unsatisfactory. Perhaps
    there is some truth to the legends of the Great Dying.
    Why else were fields left to ruin and desolation
    at the height of the country’s might? What other
    force could have wiped out the Edu, who for so long
    had resisted or evaded the armies of the greatest empire
    of their time? It seems overwhelmingly likely
    that it was the curse of undeath which overtook
    these people, and swallowed up their famed horsemen
    into the armies of the dead.
    Dr Eckhardt Friedman — “The Golden
    Dynasty” (Eichtal Press, 937 A.S.)

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