Runic Anvil

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  • ​A model with this rule can make can make dispel attempts as if it were a level 1 wizard, including Aided Dispel. An anvil comes with 3 B​attle Runes​ and casts them with Power Level (5)
    Rune Of Storms
    Type: Damage, Hex, Range:48”, Duration: Lasts One Turn.
    Target suffers D6 Strength 6 hits with Magical Attacks and Lightning Attacks special rules. Target can not use flying movement for the duration of the spell.

    Rune Of Shattering
    Type: Damage, Hex, Range 48” Duration: Lasts One Turn.
    Target suffers 2D6 Strength 4 hits with Magical Attacks. Units who suffer at least one wound from this Runic Bound Spell suffer -1 To Hit in Close Combat and treats all terrain as Dangerous Terrain.

    Rune Of Cleansing
    Type: Universal, Range 60” Duration: Instant.
    Casting player chooses to remove one spell with Duration: Lasts One Turn, or Duration: Remains in Play from target unit (enemy or friendly).

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