Charge Reactions

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  • A Unit that has a charge declared against it must now declare its Charge Reaction. There are three different charge reactions: “Hold”, “Stand and Shoot” and “Flee”.
    A Hold reaction means that the Unit does nothing. A Unit engaged in Close Combat can only choose a Hold reaction.

    Stand and Shoot
    A Stand and Shoot reaction may be taken if the charged Unit has Shooting Weapons, the charging enemy is in their Front Arc and the charging Unit is further away than its Movement value (using the lowest value in the Unit if it has more than one). The charged Unit immediately performs a shooting attack as if in the Shooting Phase,even if the enemy is beyond the weapon's maximum range.(Remember to apply any applicable modifiers like Long Range and Stand and Shoot). A Unit can only choose this Charge Reaction once per turn, even if it is charged multiple times.

    The charged Unit immediately flees directly away from the charging enemy (in the direction of a line drawn from the Centre of the charging Unit through the Centre of the charged Unit). After a Unit completes the Flee movement from a Flee Charge Reaction, any Units that had declared a charge towards this Unit may immediately attempt to Redirect their Charge. An already fleeing Unit that is charged must always choose this reaction.

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