Shooting Phase

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  • In the Shooting Phase, models armed with shooting attacks get a chance to use them.
    The Shooting Phase is divided into the following steps.
    1Start of Shooting Phase.
    2Choose a Unit to shoot with and shoot with it (see Shooting with a Unit).
    3Repeat step 2. Each time, choose a new Unit, which has not already fired during this Shooting Phase.
    4Once all Units that can (and want to) shoot have done so, the Shooting Phase ends.

    Each Unit (with a Shooting Weapon) can shoot once per Shooting Phase. Units that are Fleeing, Engaged in combat, or that have Marched, Reformed, Rallied, or Declared a Charge in their previous Movement Phase cannot shoot.

    When a Unit shoots, first nominate a target within the shooting Unit's Line of Sight. Units that are Engaged in combat cannot be chosen as targets. All models in the same Unit must shoot at the same target and only models in the 1st and 2nd rank may fire. If the models in the Unit have more than one type of missile weapon, declare which weapon is used. All rank and file models must use the same type of weapon, while Champions and Characters are free to use other types of missile weapons if they wish. Any model in the Unit is free to choose not to shoot.

    Check the Line of Sight for each model. (Remember that Line of Sight is always drawn from the front!) Models that do not have a Line of Sight to the target Unit cannot shoot. Measure the range for each individual model shooting. This is measured from the actual position of each shooting model to the closest point of the target Unit(even if this particular point is not within Line of Sight). Models that are further away from the target than the range of their weapon cannot shoot. Once it has been established which models can shoot, roll to hit with each model

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