Magical Move

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  • ​All moves made during the magic phase is a magical move. The move is perform as if in the remaining moves sub-phase, including performing any actions the unit would normally be able to do in the remaining moves sub-phase (such as wheeling, reforming, marching, joining units, leaving units and so on).
    All moves made during the Magic Phase are Magical Moves. The move is performed as if in the Remaining Moves sub-phase, which means that it follows the same rules and restrictions as if this was a new Remaining Moves sub-phase (for example, fleeing Units or Units in combat cannot move). Actions that a Unit could normally do in the Remaining Moves sub-phase can be made (such as wheeling, reforming, joining Units, leaving Units and so on),except that the Unit cannot march. Magical movement always has a given limit (for example, "target may make a 12" Magical Move"): This distance is used instead of the target's Movement Characteristic (remember that no marching is allowed). If a Unit has already done a Magical Move in this Magic Phase, it cannot move again.

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