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    Index of Infernal Dwarf Rules as presented in the Armybook
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    Universal rules: Fires of Industry (X), Incendiary, Infernal Brand, Taurukh ritual
    Attack Attributes: Cluster Munitions, Ether Cloud, Kadim Manifestation, Oil Skins
    Special Attacks: Volcanic Embrace
    Armoury: Infernal Armour, Blunderbuss, Flintlock Axe, Napatha Thrower, Rocket Battery, Titan Mortar, Infernal Weapon
    Hereditary Spell: Fury of Nezibkesh
    Infernal Dwarf Special Items: Onyx Core, Triple Speed, Flame of the East, Mask of Ages, Blaze Protection, Kadim Binding, Pride of Zalaman Tekash, Trial of Ashuruk, Breath of the Brass Bull, Tablet of Vezodinezh, Ring of Diseccation, Unflame, Golden Idol of Shamut, Lugar's Dice, Gauntlets of Madzhab
    List of Infernal Dwarf Units as listed in their Armybook
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    [b]Characters[/b]: Overlord, Prophet, Vizier, Taurukh Commissioner, Vassal Conjurer
    [b]Mounts[/b]: Seat of Authority, Vassal Steed, Kadim Chariot, Bull of Shamut, Great Bull of Shamut, Infernal Bastion
    [b]Core[/b]: Infernal Warriors, Citadel Guard, Vassal Levies, Vassal Chieftain, Shackled Slaves
    [b]Special[/b]: Immortals, Disciples of Lugar, Kadim Incarnates, Kadim Chariot, Taurukh Enforcers, Taurukh Anointed, Lamassu Scholar, Vassal Cavalry, Vassal slingshot, Gunnery Team, Infernal Artillery
    [b]Instruments of Destruction[/b]: Infernal engine, Infernal Bastion, Kadim titan, Citizen Giant