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Von Draecarion,

Hello T9A fans,

today we would like to share some amazing news with you: Avatars of War now officially support The 9th Age! They even set up a new section on their website for this purpose with correctly named miniatures. But I will just let them speak for themselves:

Gaelion wrote:

Avatars of War & The 9th Age

We are very pleased to announce our support for The 9th Age project (T9A), with the creation of compatible miniatures and printed promotional material for Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age!

We believe that T9A is here to change the fantasy miniatures industry as we've previously known it, where creating miniatures for the mainstream fantasy wargame will no longer be exclusive to one company, but open to independent miniatures manufacturers.
The opportunity to develop compatible miniatures and printed material for the most played fantasy wargame is a VERY exciting one for AoW, so we are totally thrilled to jump on board! We hope more companies will bring their support to this great project and very much look forward to this new open era of fantasy wargaming!

To celebrate this move, we offer a very special deal till 27th of June on our latest release (and our first release in this new T9A era!) to members of the T9A website, by extending the Early Bird Special to registered members of the T9A website. This fantastic special edition contains 24 miniatures (the regular box will contain 16) and a free metal character from our Warriors of the Dark Gods compatible range!

For those not collecting Warriors of the Dark Gods, we offer also a 10% discount on the rest of the products in our 'The 9thAge' compatible range, so no matter which army you collect you will most probably find some unit or hero for you!

When ordering, enter your T9A username and your email address in the comments field so we will know that you are a registered member of the 9th Age forum.

Full details, pictures and360º views of this fantastic new regiment can be seen here:…+special&id=118&Itemid=53

We hope you are just as excited about this as we are!

Here is another picture of the new regiment:

Draecarion,T9A Social Media Team
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