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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

Von tiny,

Finally, as promised, on the 2nd of November, here are 16 new armybooks.

Are they are completely finished? No

First, they are BETA version. Please remember this word: “beta”. This means everything and anything can be changed, and lots of changes will happen. But from now on, most changes will be a lot more feedback driven, especially play testing feedback. Even with these changes we expect the books to be fairly stable in the grand scheme of things for the upcoming months - the Army Book Committees did a fantastic job setting the cornerstones of this project.

Secondly, as you will soon see, some books have a new sexy design, while others kept a design more similar to the alpha beast herds book. All books will get the new layout within the next few days (we just didn't have enough time to complete them all, and didn't want to hold back the release of the books for this reason).

As for balance, the rules team has used the nerf bat extensively the last few days (armybook committees are not happy with us). Have we over-nerfed something? Did we miss something? Of course we have. We have both had to work on very limited time, and we lack needed play testing. Without play testing, true balance can and will never be achieved. And here we count on your help. Play some games and report back. What is underpowered? What is overpowered? Which armies are the best?

If you are doing a tournament, please, please, report final results back. Basing our balance decisions on actual statistics is very important for us.

Surely there are lots of minor mistakes in the current books. For this reason we plan on the first update already within a week. Some major balance issues can be implemented here as well if needed.

Please hold on feedback until army support have had a chance to put up proper feedback threads.

Planned Updates on(roughly):
8th Nov
21st Nov
End December

We are doing finale edits on the paths of magic document as I write this. It is not a 100% sure if it will be completed tonight. But even if it is not, we will upload a temporary, non-”rules team approved” version, because the game is not playable without this. The “final” version will be uploaded within a few days.

Two changes in the rulebook from the sneak peak.
1. Fireborn back to its old version
2. Aided casting (and lost focus) changed slightly

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