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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Just_Flo,

Fa Fe Fi Fo Fum!” It muttered
Behold Food, good enough to eat. Enough for my hunger!
T’was the translation as told by the traveling Scholar.

As the Village shops were shuttered
The Castle Guards moved as one, to shore up stores of the Monger
Priests prepare the Souls for endless slaughter.
— Story told by Missionary Monks

Dear Community,

As the highly curious Juveniles of the Giant culture roam the world, they sometimes form bonds or opportunities of mutual advancement with the different cultures of the T9A Universe.

We have heard your comments, delved into more background, and have completed the next phase of evolution of the “Giants of The Ninth Age” Army Supplement Book.
We have expanded this version of the book to include all factions of the known T9A world.

It is now time that we reach out to you, the community; to enlist your time, your thoughts, and your gaming data to help make this a successful addition to the T9A library.
Please help us playtest this version of the Giant’s book to the best that you can.
Please join us in welcoming it to The Ninth Age setting,
and Happy Gaming.

Thank You.…ppl_giants_1_beta2_en.pdf
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