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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von tiny,


today we like to share with you the latest rulebook update with the version 0.11.9. This is - as the version tag indicates - a bigger update already very close to what we plan to release as the next version 0.12. This next 0.12 version update however will not be before March, since we are currently still reviewing/rebalancing all armybooks.

As you can probably image reviewing two books a week is a very tough schedule and we are therefore not really ready to commit any more detailed release date before we have finished the process. However we have created a new 9th Age Mailing list informing you about releases, so that you do not need to miss upcoming changes, even if you do not follow our Twitter feed.

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fjugin wrote:

We release the rulebook version 0.11.9 earlier than the updated armybooks, because a couple of problems with v0.11 have been found, and we don't want to hold back on these fixes.
- Situations with no rules at all (see updated building rules)
- Unintended rules changes during proof reading (see move charges)
- Non intuitive rules (see scoring units)

Some changes for balance reasons also.
- Cannons: Under-performing after the latest change (using to-hit rolls with BS). Given a +1 to hit against large target, in order to make them better at doing what they are supposed to do; kill large monsters.
- Skirmishers. Mounted characters joining skirmishing units in order to benefit from the -1 to hit has proven to be a problem, for this reason you can now only join skirmishing units if you have the same troop type.
- War machines. Fleeing from charges (charge reaction) was an oversight and was never intended for these models. It makes them too easy to protect against war machine hunters. War machines can no longer choose charge reaction flee.

As always, the full list of changes can be found in the change log at the end of the document, and all changes are colour coded in green.

New updated Rulesbook:
The 9th Age - Rules - v0.11.9
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