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Von fjugin,

Version 0.99.1 was just uploaded. Files can be found under the rules tab.
Rules wise, this is essentially the same as version 0.99.0. There are some clarifications where needed, and some unintended weird consequences of the exact wording we used has been removed.
There is also one actual rules change; path of shadows attribute.

Other than clarifications and fixing typos, we have also reverted all text that was colour coded green into black, and removed all strike-through text. These are nice to have for tracking what was changed, but when the book is 40% green, it was kind of difficult to read. If you have not familiarised yourself with all changes yet, you can still find the 0.99.0 version with all changes still in green in the archive (also found under the rules tab).

New changes from 0.99.0 are now marked in green, and noted in the change log at the end of each document.

If there are still errors to be fixed that we have missed (including not removed strike-through text), please let us know here:
Error Report: Rulebook and Paths, spelling and grammar mistakes
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