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Von Sir_Joker,

Dear 9th Age supporters!

Because of the wave of releases we are currently drowning in unfiltered feedback. Although we are very happy and in need of the information player's from all around the world are providing our main problem is that with only a couple of Rules Team members who have jobs & wives we simply cannot read through every thread and answer every question raised in a timely manner. This is why we are currently seeking people willing to help us out in that regard to maintain the high quality feedback culture we are known for.

Position: Army Support

Your area of responsibility will include
  • moderate the according subsection on the 9th Age forum and the army specific thread on the forum
  • gather the relevant information and compile it into a compact format to enable timely adjustments by the Rules Team and lay the groundwork for the full army book revision
  • answer rules questions (general and army specific) which can be answered with the Rule Book or the Temporary Army Compendium and are not based on document errors. Rules question will be bundled in the 9th Age Rules Questions & Answers section.
  • being the SPOC (single point of contact) for all army related questions - working closely together with the Rules Team to provide answers
And very importantly:
  • active community work; discussing army related topics, making the army subsection on the 9th Age forum a place worthwhile to visit, providing help for new / inexperienced players and being an example of true dedication to the 9th Age project.

To be perfectly clear - this is a very important position which comes with a lot of responsibility. We will put our trust in the Army Support staff to represent our interests in the face of the international community. Once players are encouraged to use our forum more intensively the moderation of the subsection will take some effort. Applicants should have good social skills (being able to moderate discussions, settle disputes,...) in addition to very vast army specific knowledge.

If you think that you have the necessary skills and time to exercise this position professionally please send us your application at team['at'] including
  • for which Army Support position you are applying for (eg. Elves of Light, ...)
  • a short description of yourself
  • your wargaming experience - in particular with the army you would be assigned to
  • your username on our website
  • a short paragraph why you do think you are a good candidate for this position, your reasons to support the 9th Age project and what do you like best so far

We are looking forward reading from you and hope that with this measure we will be able to maintain the feedback and discussion culture we are known for. Working as closely together with out audience is one of the main goals of this project - without our community, there would be no 9th Age.

Thank you in advance,
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