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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

Von Sir_Joker,

Dear 9th Age supporters!

As announced earlier the project got into a new stage with the release of the Beta Rule Book of Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age. Having progressed this far the next step is to create proper army books. This task is not an easy one because many different perspectives have to be kept in mind - Diversity, Balance, Creativity, Background and over all game feeling to name a few.

Our opinion is that community army specialists are the best candidates to create a product that satisfies the needs of our supporters. We won't stop working until each and every army has received the attention they deserve. Due to our high expectations an especially high quality standard has to be maintained by our army book task force. It is possible for the same person to apply for multiple Army Book Committee slots if you think that you have sufficient army specific knowledge - if that is the case please state your primary race.

If you think that you have what it takes to create the one army book people all around the world have been awaiting for years read on...

Position: Army Book Committee: insert army (eg. Elves of Darkness)

Your areas of responsibility will include
  • create a concept which lines out the desired play patterns of the army and describes the game design approaches applied for the rules
  • gather and implement feedback from our 9th age players around the world in consultation with the according Army Support Moderator
  • write a complete army book including unit descriptions, point costs, special rules and army specific magic items under supervision of a appointed Rules Team member
  • review the army specific lore and implement adaptations if it is needed due to the overall army concept

Each Army Book Committee will be led by a Rules Team member. The appointed Rules Team member has the decisional power over the army book project ensuring that the external balance is met and that the army book in question is designed in line with the overall concept of the 9th Age project. If a topic requires specific attention the Rules Team as a collegial body will execute the decisional power. Furthermore the Rules Team will provide guidelines for the Army Book Committees which have to be followed in the design and rules creation process.

To be perfectly clear - this is a very important position which comes with a lot of responsibility. We will put our trust in the Army Book Committees to represent our interests in the face of our community and do the best they can to provide the best product possible.

If you think that you have the necessary skills and time to exercise this position professionally please send us your application at team['at'] including
  • which Army Book Committee position you are applying for (eg. Elves of Light, ...)
  • a short description of yourself
  • your wargaming experience - in particular with the army you would be assigned to
  • your knowledge about the background of the army in question
  • your tournament experience that proves that you have the necessary skill to evaluate and play armies on the highest level of competition
  • your game design experience
  • your contribution to the 9th Age project so far
  • your contribution to your national community and the specific army community
  • your username on our website and on the forum
  • your vision of the army in question
  • a paragraph why you do think you are a good candidate for this position, your reasons to support the 9th Age project and what do you like best so far

The Army Book Committees will consist out of 3-4 community members depending on the estimated workload. The application process will take place from 16.09.2015 - 23.09.2015, candidates will be elected by the Rules Team as a collegial body. We strive to finish the application process until 30.09.2015 and hope to be able to acquire staff members from various national communities to represent the worldwide scope of this project. The time frame for the future project will be:

Late October 2015: The beta versions of the army books are released.

December 2015: Version 1.0
The first full version of the game is released v1.0 (i.e. no longer a beta version, but content-wise approx. 95% overlapping with the beta version). This release will include: Full updated rulebook and internally and externally balanced army books.

We are looking forward reading from you and hope that with this measure we will be able to meet the high expectations our community sets for us. Working as closely together with our audience is one of the main goals of this project - the upcoming army books will be the product people have been waiting for years now.

Thank you in advance,

ps.: This is no joke - even the Kingdom of Chivalry (Brets) will get a new army book, I promise :D
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