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Von Blonde Beer,

Have you always wanted to run a tournament, but the stress of needing to prepare players on their responsibilities been too much? Tired of receiving jumbled streams of text that claims it is a 'list'? Really want to get into this Team Tournament craze but the pairing system seems to daunting to approach?

Well then, fine sirs and mesdames, your prayers have been answered by the hard-working folks in the Rules Team. We here at T9A are proud to announce the official release of the Tournament Rules Pack!

Inside, you will find guidelines to provide your players letting them know what to bring on the day, how to write a list that is easily readable, and what can constitute What You See Is What You Get rules (for those that wish to host WYSIWYG tournaments). In addition, you will find explanations of etiquette standards and expectations, as well as information on the Swiss Pairing system and reporting information to Tournament Organisers.

For those who are inclined towards the camaraderie of the illustrious Team Tournament format, there is information on the rules of Team Tournament behaviour - the role of coaches and intra-team communication for instance. There is also an explanation of how pairings are decided between opposing teams.

So go out and quench that TO passion burning inside of you. All the resources to run a successful T9A tournament are now at your fingertips. Get the dice rolling, the drinks flowing, and most importantly, the respect and adoration reserved only for those few treasured beings we call Tournament Organisers!

You can find the rulepack right here.
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