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Von Blonde Beer,

Greetings everyone!

For some of the most dedicated and perhaps even fanatical T9A players in the world, this upcoming week will be one of the highlights of the year....
From the second of august, to the 6th of August, wargamers from all over the world will gather in the lovely city of Salamanca in Spain to compete in the biggest wargaming tournament in the world... the ESC and the ETC.
To help the rest of the community to understand what is going on exactly, and where you can follow the event, we created this news post.

Every year, gamers themselves create an international event where for several different gaming systems a tournament is organised. Each game system has it's own way to compete, but for T9A, 8 players per country can team up, to face the other countries during the ETC (The European Team Championship) for 6 games over 3 days.
You can find a more detailed explanation about the ETC in this video from 2016 from the Orange Road.

Display Spoiler

Please keep in mind that this was my very first video... (I should really make a new one!)

Besides that we also have the ESC, which is the same setup, but only this time it's a free for all tournament, where everyone can sign on for! In the words of the organizer:

ESC stands for European Singles Championship, an annual celebration event that emerged more than 10 years ago as a popular initiative, which has gradually transcended borders, focused through board games and strategy. Covering the formats of games as popular as Fantasy Battles 9th Age, Warhammer 40k, XWING, Kings of war and Flames of War. It currently brings together players from more than 600 players from 52 countries, including all of Europe and regions as far away as USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Russia.

Where to follow the ETC/ESC?

You can find more information on the Organizers website/Facebook here.

Follow T9A from our video content team members at the Event:
Orange Road
El Rey

Later in the week we will also release more information about twitter, facebook and forum topics for you to subscribe on to follow the biggest wargaming event of 2017!
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