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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

Hi there, T9A fans!

There is a lot of 9th age going around this weekend, and let's showcase 2 of the main ones for this weekend:

Play Modena

If you are in Italy this weekend, take the chance to visit Play Modena, the biggest convention about tabletop gaming in Italy so far.
We were there last year (here's the official video, there you can see us at 1:19 :D). For the first time our presence will be let's say "more official".
We don't only have three huge tables to showcase epic battles, with a fortress in the making...

...we also got the support of Crosslances and Labmasu to produce a limited edition miniature based on an Arcalean noble, which will be available to the fellow players helping us there (at the production cost, no profit of course!).

Not enough?

Then look here:

our Art Director Michele is preparing to run a stand for the art of The Ninth Age, while Piteglio from the quickstarter team will showcase demo games on Universal Battle 2, and some other players will run demo games for the public!

If you around there, visit our stands and tables at the War Pit, pavillon B, next to the Legends Lounge, to have a chat or a game!

...if you don't have the chance, then follow us on the Facebook page T9A - Italy

World Team Championship T9A (Herford)

We also have a marathon of a tournament taking place in Herford with 36 teams taking place in the first WTC event. This means that 180 players are gathering for 4 days of gaming from all around the world.

The team from Moldova made this trailer, showing the general atmosphere at the Herford events:

You can also check the Orange Road for a number of list reviews, and coverage of the event, during the event.Or if you speak the French language you can check out Math-CD.
If you really want to stay up to date, you can follow this topic to stay "on topic" :D

If you have certain t9a events you would like to promote, please send a PM to @Blonde Beer.
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