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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

We recently had another big T9A event organized by @Will Goodwin, and besides just having a tournament, they also had a side event called Call to Paint, focusing more on the hobby side of the Community.
Will was kind enough to send over a number of results and pictures, and it's my honor to share them with you!

First though, I need to link to Wills social media pages!
Will's events FB page ( where people can find info on his future events and pics.
The UK 9th Age FB page ( where people can find out about upcoming UK events etc.

The Results:
AwardPlayer Name
1st PlaceAdam Jones
2nd PlaceGuillermo Nicolau Palou
3rd PlaceAmit Hindocha
Most Sporting PlayerDavid Deej Johnson
Most Sporting PlayerAndrew Barton
Best Painted ArmyDavid Deej Johnson
Dice GodAdam Jones
Most Blood Thirsty GeneralAdam Jones
The Grand TacticianJeremy Keeling
Call to Paint RegimentDavid Deej Johnson
Call to Paint Large ModelJordan Bladen
Call to Paint DuelMikey Newman
Call to Paint The OpenAndrew Huntley
Call to Paint Single MiniatureMikey Newman

- Awards and Results
- Gaming Pictures

And now the best part, Will took a load of pictures of all the cool looking models, so take the time, and enjoy every single one of them!

Call to Paint 2018 Regiment

Call to War Best Armies:

Call to Paint 2018 Dual

Call to Paint 2018 Diorama

Call to Paint 2018 The OpenSelecitom

Call to Paint 2018 Large

Call to Paint 2018 Single Model
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