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Von Bugman,

Hello Community!

As you know, we are getting ever closer to reaching “Gold”. We are currently moving into a final phase of BETA, that is V205. This means that the rulebook will soon become locked down for the several years to come.

We have heard some remarks that the wording of rules etc found in the beta rulebook could be improved upon and we agree! The rules are there but could they be said in a better way? That’s where we need you! Why?

The best way is to hear your views is directly from you.

Please contribute to one or more of the threads below, as we have sorted the task in several slices.

Leave your feedback, and it will help us to tailor the final standing of the rulebook to The community’s needs.

The road to 205 - Help Wanted (community)
The road to 205 - feedback on figures
The road to 205 - Chapters of the Week: 1 - 4 (community)
The road to 205 - Chapters of the Week: 5 - 6 (community)

Help us to improve the game for everyone!

See you on the Battlefield!
T9A Team
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