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Von Calisson,

Hi, all T9A supporters.

We have read recently many great suggestions from you, our community, to make T9A easier for newcomers. Thanks for that!
Among these suggestions, the improvement of the website came more often than not.
Acting after these suggestions, there is now a team working on creating a top notch homepage.

And you know what? We need YOUR help.

We're looking for a picture of two armies during a battle.
This picture could become the Home Page main picture!

What I mean, we need a really nice picture, which will be seen a zillion times everyday by thousands of fans, and will lure newcomers to crave to discover what this marvelous picture is about.
There is no requirement for the size of the battle, for the brand of the models, for pretty much anything...
the only two requirements are that it must be a game of T9A and it must be super-nice looking.

Do you think you could provide that?
Please reply to that thread: Website team needs army photographs! :D

Thank you, may the best picture be selected, and may all other pictures help us to dream.

On behalf of the website team.
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