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Von Blonde Beer,

We have a new iniative that's being worked on by members of the ACS (Army Community) and the BGT (Background Team) to start crowdsourcing ideas for flavor texts for units in the Ninth Age army books.
@WhammeWhamme is the main man behind this, and has started several topics on the different forum boards to start gathering them.

Before everyone runs straight to these topics, let's look at what the situation is:

1) There is no certainty that your texts are going to end straight up in the army books. Some might, some might not, but this is something new we are trying, so we have to look at what the results are from the community to see if this is something to build on in the future. We might just use the ideas or see what the community imagines for certains units, or we might just press Control C and Control V on them straight in tot the army books...

2) This might help with the issue of "so what IS a Varkolak anyway?' and help the design teams to come up with some cool new ideas.

3) This is not a voting process. The BGT will analyze the results, and we will see what we can use it for.

Please, write a flavour text for as many units and/or mount options as you feel up to. No need to force yourself to write one for something you don't feel inspired by. Try to write what you feel the flavour of the unit should be, but don't blatantly contradict the mechanics. This is a tough balancing act.

Flavor text should be:
- Short. If it's too long, it becomes harder to squeeze it in (part of the sales pitch for this idea was low word count). Think one or two sentences.
- Descriptive. Someone reading it should get a general impression of the role of the unit on the battlefield, and also their place in the world.
- Ninth Age based. If you know X is the case in the existing background, don't contradict it. If you think some other IP is really cool - too bad, we can't use it.

You can find more information in the topics themselves. You can find them here:

Beast Herds
Dwarven Holds
Dread Elves
Highborn Elves
Infernal Dwarves
Ogre Khans
Saurian Ancients
Sylvan Elves
Vermin Swarm

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